How Donut Earn works. Investing is more fun with friends.

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  • How do I create my Donut handle? When you sign up to the app you will be asked to create your handle. Be quick to secure yours before your name has been taken!
  • How does my link work? Your referral link is donut.me followed by your handle. For example donut.me/chayce23
  • How many friends can I invite to Donut? As many as you like! There are no limits on how many friends you can earn rewards from or how much you can earn.
  • Why hasn’t my reward arrived? You will receive any investments made by your invited friend once they have passed our security checks and have made an eligible...
  • When will I receive my dividend? You will receive 1% of your friends investments 2-3 days after the investment has been made. We have to wait for funds to clear and for...
  • Is there a way to make my investments private? Of course! You can select to make your identity private on Donut in your preferences, no sweat.
  • How long is my link valid for? Indefinitely! Your link is valid for as long as you're using Donut. You will receive rewards in perpetuity.
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